In case you're considering whether or not buying a Pyjama Drama franchise is for you, we wanted to introduce ourselves. After all, if you choose to run a business with us, we'll be working very closely together!

Here are 5 things to know about us:

1. We prioritise our families. We love working, and we work really hard, but family comes first.

2. We're not going to be your boss! If you buy a franchise, we'll be business partners. It's just as important that we're right for you as it is that you're right for Pyjama Drama.

3. We want our franchisees to love work as much as we do. Why? Because life is short! So we make sure you leave training feeling confident, we support you in building a career that fits around your family commitments, and we're always at the end of the phone.

4. We're sisters. We're a family company with real family values.

5. We're ambitious. We have big plans for Pyjama Drama, and we want as many people as possible to be a part of them! But we won't tread over people on our way to the top. You can read more about our 'Core Principles' on our website.


It's our job to help people decide whether or not Pyjama Drama could be for them. Have a question? I'm sure we'll have the answer, so don't hesitate to get in touch.