14th June 2013

Most of our franchisees hadn't really come across franchising before they became aware of Pyjama Drama.  Franchising is huge in the UK and many well-known brands like Macdonalds, Thorntons and Specsavers, are franchise businesses. But ask the average person on the street what franchising is or how it works and chances are they won't really be sure. In a nutshell, franchising is a way of setting up and building a business without trying to do it completely alone.  Statistics show that franchise business are less likely to fail than other startups and that they turn a profit faster than other new businesses.

We have been asked to take part in Mumsnet Workfest, a day all about 'changing careers, going back to work or starting your own business'.  We are running a session all about franchising and will be answering questions such as "Is franchising right for me?" "what questions should I ask a franchisor?" and "what's involved in setting up and running a franchise business?".  We're delighted to be appearing alongside such business experts as James Caan, Lynne Franks, Heather McGregor and of course, the incredible Justine Roberts, co-founder of Mumsnet.  You can see the line up for the day here.