1st May 2014

For me, Pyjama Drama involves wearing lots of hats. Let me tell why...

Once upon a working day, Lucy woke up and started replying to emails from potential customers (sparkly admin and communication hat). She then remembered she had to pay for a class venue (pointy financial hat) before meeting up with a local magazine publisher (floppy marketing hat). Later on that day, Lucy got to deliver a fantastic Pyjama Drama class for older toddlers (woolly performance hat). As you can imagine, the hats are all very cosy and nice to wear (and you can’t be afraid to have bad hat hair by the end of a day). Pyjama Drama also involves juggling. You need to master juggling everyday items with the future items. They tend to move at an incredible pace but before you know it, you’ve been juggling for FOUR MONTHS (how time flies) and still have a smile on your face!

I came across this amazing franchise opportunity at the right time in my life. I was questioning my future as an early years teacher and I realised that Pyjama Drama would let me do what I love doing – performing with children! I wasn’t worried about owning a business as I’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of financial and operational experience in my career prior to teaching. I just loved the idea of this being MY business, MY baby! And when the day comes when a customer tells you they've heard good things about you and your business, and you realise that all your hard work has paid off, the pride you feel is incredible.

I’ve seen people set up businesses on their own with little to no support and you can see how isolated they feel. They just want someone to take them under their wing and say ‘there, there’. That support is exactly what I needed and it’s exactly what I am getting from Pyjama Drama.  I’ve had an incredible amount of training at head office and the support has been excellent (and that’s from head office AND fellow franchisees from all over the UK). I’ve learnt so much over the past four months and I’m excited to keep learning as my business develops. Life is good with my box of hats!

Lucy, Franchise Manager for Newcastle