Every family is different. Some parents are naturally expressive and tactile, others are not. For some, being ‘silly’ and playful is second nature while others would prefer to read or spend time outside rather than pretend to be a dinosaur or have a princess tea party.

It’s easy to look at other families and make comparisons but it really doesn’t matter HOW you interact with your child if there is meaningful and respectful communication between you.

And if you don’t ‘like’ playing with your three- or four-year-old, you’re certainly not alone! Never have the challenges of parenting been so great and with everything else us parents have got going on in our busy lives, it’s not surprising that making time for play can take a back seat.

But play is important. It’s the way children learn, and it helps develop key life skills such as co-operation, confidence, and concentration. Playing together also strengthens bonds and produces those feel-good chemicals endorphins that are responsible for relieving stress and improving mood.

And…. It CAN be fun:

  • Even if your parents didn’t model ‘playfulness’ for you as a child 
  • Even if you feel ‘silly’,  awkward, or self-conscious being playful
  • Even if you quickly run out of ideas and don’t know what to do or say
  • Even if you’re busy and exhausted and would rather do anything else…

We can give you tricks, techniques, and the ideas you need to start ENJOYING playtime with your child. 

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