26th January 2017

Phylly Jones, finalist for BFA young franchisee of the year in 2014, joined Pyjama Drama straight out of University when she was just twenty one years old. And, after a whirlwind five years running her business, Phylly is about to embark on a new adventure teaching Pyjama Drama in Malaysia!

'I have always wanted to live abroad' says Phylly of her decision to sell her business in Surrey and move over 6,000 miles away from her home town of Cobham, 'So when the opportunity came up to experience a different culture and a new way of life whilst still doing Pyjama Drama, I knew I couldn't refuse.'

Phylly sold her thriving business to Vicky Campbell-Hall who has big plans to build on the successful foundations laid down by her predecessor, 'I'm so impressed with what Phylly has achieved' she says, 'Pyjama Drama has got such an excellent reputation in the area and the potential is huge - I can't wait to get started.'

After a bitter-sweet farewell party last weekend (see image), Phylly is now packing her bags and saying her goodbyes to the children, parents and teachers she has got to know so well through her work with Pyjama Drama. 'Saying goodbye is hard' she admits, 'But it's so exciting to know that this time next week I'll be living in the sun and meeting lots of new children!'

Good luck Phylly, you're going to have a blast!