This week we delivered our drama and imaginative play training for nearly 50 teachers as part of the Collective Learning Conference in Cardiff. Before we started, we asked everyone to consider how they felt about using drama and imaginative play and give themselves a score - 1, 2, or 3.

The majority scored themselves 2, some already felt confident and gave themselves 1, and a handful said they were 3 - apprehensive about the idea of integrating a more 'dramatic' approach into their practice.

Why? The main reason given was simply that they considered themselves to be 'too shy' to do drama with their kids.

Two and a half hours later and after lots of interesting discussion and lively group work, no one was too shy in fact, EVERYONE in the room scored themselves a 2 or above, with most people feeling ready to implement our ideas and approaches the very next day! 

No one is too shy to deliver our techniques. If you'd like to discuss booking training for your nursery or school, get in touch or find out more

Sarah and Rachel X