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Woolly hats, juggling balls and bad hair days

01/05/2014 18:34

1st May 2014

For me, Pyjama Drama involves wearing lots of hats. Let me tell why...

Once upon a working day, Lucy woke up and started replying to emails from potential customers (sparkly admin and communication hat). She then remembered she had to pay for a class venue (pointy financial hat) before meeting up with a local magazine publisher (floppy marketing hat). Later on that day, Lucy got to deliver a fantastic Pyjama Drama class for older toddlers (woolly performance hat). As you can imagine, the hats are all very cosy and nice to wear (and you can’t be afraid to have bad hat hair by the end of a day). Pyjama Drama also involves juggling. You need to master juggling everyday items with the future items. They tend to move at an incredible pace but before you know it, you’ve been juggling for FOUR MONTHS (how time flies) and still have a smile on your face!

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Well spent afternoons

09/06/2014 18:30

9th June 2014

We were delighted to come across this wonderfully complimentary blog post written by Sarah, who spends her time, 'coming up with toddler activities that are fun and creative so that every day feels like it’s been well spent'. You can visit Sarah's blog here and read what she says about attending classes in Sheffield below:

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Pyjama Drama franchisee shortlisted for BFA Franchisee of the Year!

11/06/2014 18:27

11th June 2014

We are delighted to announce that Pyjama Drama Franchise Owner, Phylly Jones, has been selected as one of 19 finalists in the British Franchise Association's prestigious Franchisee of the Year awards.  She is in the category of 'Young Franchisee of the Year'.

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Help us chase the blues away

10/09/2014 18:50

10th September 2013 

This September we are delighted to be running special drama sessions all across the UK to raise money for the wonderful Once Upon A Smile, a bereavement charity that helps children who have lost a parent to a terminal illness.  During the sponsored event the children will learn a special song and play five games, all designed to ‘chase the blues away’.

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The power to change lives

18/11/2014 18:21

18th November 2014

A mum recently told me that she spent months agonising whether to enroll her three year old in a Pyjama Drama class. Her best friend took her child and loved it, her daughter didn't go to preschool on the morning of the class and she was already looking for an activity for them to do together. So why the procrastination? ''I still have nightmares about my drama classes at school, ' the mum explained. ''I hated them. I was so shy and one day the teacher forced me to stand up in front of everyone and I couldn't stop shaking.

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Locating the 'off' switch

22/12/2014 18:23

22nd December 2014

We all know the age-old saying that children would rather play with the cardboard box than the actual gift inside and many of us have probably experienced it too. That cardboard box could be the fastest car in the universe or the entrance to a secret underground cave and that sparkly dress in the box? Never as sparkly as the one in your imagination.

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Five years, five BIG questions!

04/03/2015 15:49

4th March 2015

After five years trading as a Pyjama Drama franchisee, Emma Knighton from Trafford (left) has renewed her agreement for a further term. Good news for Emma and great news for the hundreds of children she teaches each week, and to mark the occasion we decided to ask her five big questions about the last (and the next!) five years...

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We won an award!

18/03/2015 15:46

18th March 2015

After a long journey from Wales to Olympia in London last Friday (requiring an alarm clock set for 4:00am!), it was absolutely brilliant to be rewarded with a Franchise Marketing Award - Best Website!

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Pyjama Drama launches in Australia

24/03/2015 15:44

24th March 2015

Today is a good day. Spring has sprung, we've just won an award, the sun is shining and (drum roll please!) Pyjama Drama has just launched in Australia! We can't believe it either but are delighted to announce that Pyjama Drama classes will start in the Northern Suburbs, Perth in West of the country this April.

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Win a back-pack fit for royalty!

25/03/2015 15:41

25th March 2015

To celebrate that Pyjama Drama classes launch in Australia in April, we're giving away four super cute kangaroo backpacks from the Australian Koala Foundation, as owned by non-other than Prince George himself!

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