9th May 2017

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to meet Amanda (on the left), you’ll know she has an infectious energy and passion for life. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to work with her, you’ll also know how determined and tenacious she is, and how incredibly passionate about her business she is.

We’ve known and worked with Amanda for a number of years which is why, when she first approached us about taking Pyjama Drama to Australia, we knew that if anyone could make it work down under, Amanda could. It's just over a year later and Amanda is not only running over 25 classes per week in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, but has also taken on the Master Franchise and sold her first franchise to Amy Little who will be working in the South West!

Of her first franchisee Amanda says, ‘Amy is a fantastic teacher and wonderful with children. She brought her own children along to my classes and thought to herself ‘I could do that!’ Just a few months on and Amy is fully trained and all set up to launch her business in September. I am beyond delighted.’

Amy has a degree in Music Education from UWA and has experience of teaching Music and Drama to high school students. She is fully committed to Pyjama Drama, commenting on its ethos, ‘I love how there are no props or costumes and that every child is completely engaged, simply through the use of facial expressions and body language. Most importantly, I love knowing that engaging in creative play is so beneficial for a child’s development both mentally and socially.’

We wish Amy all the very best and, knowing Amanda as we do, look forward to hearing about her second franchise sale which we’re sure won’t be too far away. As Amanda says, ‘Selling my first franchise proves that children love pretending and imaginative play wherever they are in the world.’ Absolutely.