Over the summer, we asked our franchisees two questions:

1.) How satisfied are you with your work/life balance?

2.) How satisfied are you with the financial rewards of running your business?

How did they answer?

100% said they were 'satisfied' or 'extremely satisfied'

You can imagine that this made us very happy indeed - but it doesn't stop us working hard to keep improving! Afterall, we want 100% of our network to be EXTREMELY satisfied! Here are just a few things we've implemented since these results came in:

1.) A brand-new payment system for public class customers, integrated into our website

2.) An opportunity for franchisees to earn extra by delivering our award-winning training session to early years practitioners

3.) An opportunity for franchisees to earn extra by selling our brand-new course for parents

We've been franchising now since 2009, and we're proud to say franchisee satisfaction is always high, but it doesn't pay anyone to rest on one's laurels - thats why we keep striving to be better! 

If you're considering joining the team and running your own Pyjama Drama business, you can download an Info Pack here.

Have fun!