When new franchisees start, marketing their new business is normally the thing they're most worried about. I always tell them, 'We're not marketing experts, but we ARE marketing Pyjama Drama experts!' We know that if they follow the model we suggest, they will grow a financially viable business. Ultimately, marketing a franchised business isn't rocket science; after all, you're buying into a proven business model. Your franchisor knows exactly how to market the business, and so long as the training is comprehensive and the ongoing support is there, you should have no difficulties at all securing work.

We devote a good amount of time during training to marketing. In the remote section of the training, franchisees watch a series of pre-recorded lessons that, among other things, teach them the basics of marketing their new business. They also have an in-depth, two-hour meeting with a director, who helps them create a detailed three-month marketing plan and a one-year business plan. 

One piece of advice I'd give to anyone choosing a franchise is to look not only at a company's website but also at the head office's social media accounts. Is the website clear, engaging, and easy to use? Do franchisees all have their own dedicated listings that are customer-friendly? Are Head Office social media accounts engaging, updated regularly, and clear in the messages they're getting across to customers? If the answer is 'yes' to these questions, you can judge that the franchisor is good at marketing their business, and so it stands to reason that you will also be good at marketing after your initial training.

Our franchisees have access to their training videos for the life of their franchise, as well as access to a huge number of social media images and video reels! And finally, they also receive a set amount of bespoke marketing material as part of their initial franchise fee, because while social media is integral, we know that there is still power in doing some things the old-fashioned way—a beautiful leaflet in a child's book bag or a professional brochure delivered to a nursery can make all the difference in securing a sale.

We love Pyjama Drama, and we love our brand. We're also passionate about helping our franchisees run successful businesses and have been doing so since 2009. Fancy joining the team? Download our Info. Pack today

Whatever you do, have fun!