I know Halloween is some way off yet, but yesterday was a bit spooky. I met with Sue Newman of Boogie Mites to discuss our work with the wonderful MyCPDGroup where we both host our courses.

As we chatted away, it's obvious Boogie Mites and Pyjama Drama are 100% signing from the same hymn sheet - we're both passionate about how the arts develop children's life skills, both companies train practitioners to be able to use our approach and resources confidently in their practice, both support individuals to have the confidence and skills to run their own successful businesses, and both work with parents to help them learn how to to nurture their little ones' skills while having fun.

That part of it was kind of a given, and of course you could expect our business models to be fairly similar since we're both in the same industry, but the similarities in the ways our businesses have developed was uncanny - the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the developments and joy in creating new products, it's as if we've been running in parallel and it's only because of MyCPDGroup that we discovered the connection.

I am very much looking forward to more such meetings with other consultants in the group - not least Sue Atkins who I'm meeting tomorrow. Here's to meeting more like-minded individuals striving to make the world a teeny bit better for our young people, and for the amazing teachers and practitioners who work with them :)