This summer our classes, performances and workshops are inspired by traditional tales and characters; Goldilocks, The Big Bad Wolf and Cinderella, to name but a few.

The telling of fairy tales contributes to our cultural literacy; these well-loved characters are almost like friends, and their stories as familiar to us as our own. Also, because fairy tales don't have to follow the conventions of the 'real' world, they allow us to explore fantastical worlds where anything can happen. And when you explore fairy tales using Pyjama Drama, everything does!

So, if you bring your child along to a class this summer, this is what you can expect. You can expect a specialist teacher in drama and play to whisk your child away to the imaginary world of a fairy tale, like Treasure Island or The Three Little Pigs. You can then expect them to employ our unique child-led approach and encourage your child to take the driving seat and make important decisions about where the story goes next - what will happen when Goldilocks makes porridge? Who will help baby bear find his Mummy? How will we mend the hole in our boat and will we ever find out why poor Cinderella is so itchy? Only the children can decide!

Children as young as two can imagine new stories, and it’s thrilling, both as a teacher and as a parent, to watch, 'One of the best things about Pyjama Drama’ says Sarah, Mum to Maisie age three, ‘Is how the teachers let the little ones lead the adventure. Maisie absolute loves it when her teacher uses her ideas, and she doesn’t stop talking about it all week!'

To find a fairy tale inspired session this summer holiday, search for your nearest play specialist and drama teacher here.

Have fun!